Julie Smyth

Tough Sell

In the competition between Marketing and Strategy for revenue and readers, Marketing may lose a lot more than money

ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1992, Colin Muncie arrived at work at 8 a.m., just as he’d been doing for his close to 20 years as editor of Marketing Magazine. Marketing, the weekly tabloid that covers the media, marketing, and advertising scenes, is arguably the highest profile of Maclean Hunter’s trade books-and, at 85, one of […]

 Dick Snyder

New Kids on the Block

Tunes and roans make way for news and views as MuchMusic and YTV gamble on journalism

THEY DESCENDED ON LAST SUMMER’S TORY convention with a fury and spread out across the Ottawa Civic Centre like a crack battalion of Keystone Cops. It was the crowd from the nation’s music station, MuchMusic; newcomers to the political scene, a bunch of partiers in their 20s and 30s with no pretensions and a lot […]

 Allison Vale

Lost at Sea

For over 100 years, The Toronto Star steered a sure course. John Honderich's predecessors knew which way to go. Why doesn't he?

BRIGHT NOVEMBER SUNSHINE SHONE through the windows in John Honderich’s corner office the day after his fifth anniversary as editor of The Toronto Star. He relaxed in his swivel chair, hands clasped behind his head, and talked about the last five years, a half-decade marred by economic and personnel catastrophes that would curl the hair […]

 Paul Viera

Vision Impossible?

Bill Gates thinks journalism, as we know it, will die. It certainly will if we don't find some new ideas

In the March 1991 edition of the Ryerson Review of Journalism, Jack McIver, then editor of The Globe and Mail’s award-winning travel magazine Destinations, boldly predicted the magazine would survive despite a suspect balance sheet and a deep recession that was biting into ad revenues. “I think the Globe’s committed enough to hang tough,” said […]

 Paul Viera

Peter Desbarat’s Last Stand

When Western attacked his beloved journalism school, its dean turned the battle into a personal crusade. He won, but the tactics he used mean the school could face the next campaign alone

WHEN I WAS APPROACHED IN the Windsor Star newsroom last May to sign a petition to save the University of Western Ontario’s Graduate School of Journalism, my reaction was immediate: No Way. I thought closing the school wasn’t a bad idea. I knew times there were tough, since the university had to cut between $10 […]

 Linda Williams

The Art of the Matter

Three magazines have to cover the arts the federal government's way-or else

AROUND APRIL FOOLS’ Day, 1993, Scott Milsom, editor and lone employee-of New Maritimes, sliced open an envelope bearing the Canada Council logo. It was a letter Milsom had anxiously awaited each spring since 1988, when his Halifax-based magazine had received its first small grant-$10,000-after six years of trying. Across town, another April Fools’ Day missive […]

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