Laurie Gillies

The Latest Flash

The Latest Flash

In the razzle-dazzle of videotext, news is the message we pause for

In a small room midway down a hallway at the University of Western Ontario sits a solitary journalist monitoring Canadian Press wires and writing and rewriting agricultural news. Judith Pratt is compiling Westex, Canada’s first news service adapted for the twoway electronic medium, videotex. Some of Western’s journalism students spend time in this second-floor newsroom […]

 Alex Julian

Shooting Wars

Shooting Wars

Covering combat, says TV newsman Bill Cunningham, is not a conspicuous act of bravdo

When CBC’s Vietnam war correspondent Bill Cunningham left the plush surroundings of Phnom-Penh’s Royal Hotel in April, 1970, he knew he was taking a calculated risk. With his cameraman and an American reporter, he was setting out to document the presence of North Vietnamese troops in Cambodia. “The day was hot, dusty and sleepy. We […]

 Kevin McGran

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The ethics of image processing

Can pyramids be moved? Just ask the people at National Geographic. They moved a pyramid at Giza in a photograph for the cover of their May, 1984, issue. The pyramid’s original position, it seems, did not suit the magazine’s cover format. The technology used to achieve this feat-digital image processing (DIP) is a form of […]

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