Marie Caloz

Mother Courage

Mother Courage

For 30 years, Christa Singer's films have cast a caring light on the disadvantaged

I do wish he would call me back, I can never make him understand that we need to have these things on paper. Wait, I’ve got to stop for some food.” Christa Singer’s car makes an unexpected turn onto Toronto’s Eglinton Avenue. (‘Have you ever heard of Grano? Oh, and I must tell you… eeoow […]

 Leah Bradish

Central Canada’s National Newspaper

Outside the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal axis, The Globe and Mail's coverage is largely lightweight

On October 23, 1980, The Globe and Mail launched its national edition, quoting publisher A. Roy Megarry: “There probably is not a better time in Canada’s history for a national newspaper to emerge. With the constitutional debate, with regional aspirations growing ‘and with demands for more autonomy from the provinces, there is a greater need […]