The Magazine

 Charlene Yarrow

Hail and Farewell to the Whig

At least as we knew it

One day in September 1990 Neil Reynolds, the editor of The Whig~Standard of Kingston, Ontario, strode into the office of the publisher. Reynolds was an astute man and something had been bothering him for the last 10 days. Much as he had for 11 years as editor, he elected to share his concern with his […]

 Kevin McGran

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The ethics of image processing

Can pyramids be moved? Just ask the people at National Geographic. They moved a pyramid at Giza in a photograph for the cover of their May, 1984, issue. The pyramid’s original position, it seems, did not suit the magazine’s cover format. The technology used to achieve this feat-digital image processing (DIP) is a form of […]

 Joanna Hamill

The Star Set the Trap

The Star Set the Trap

Then stepped in it

On Monday, August 17, 1992, Toronto Star reporters Kevin Donovan and Philip Mascoll sat at a wooden picnic table on the outdoor patio of a Lick’s restaurant on Kingston Road sipping coffee amid the lunch-time crowd. Each wore a concealed tape recorder attached to his leg, just above the ankle, with masking tape. Across from […]

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