Ryerson Review of Journalism

Off the Rails (Spring 2010)

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Prior to a division in 1994, the Arts Council of England was the Arts Council of Great Britain. The latter, not the former, was the proper title when Prue Hemelrijk worked there in 1955. The Reviewregrets the error.

During Prue Hemelrijk’s time at the Arts Council in London, the shipping company offices near the Council intrigued her. Our print publication incorrectly stated, “She passed by Liverpool shipyards every day.” The Review regrets the error.

Barbara Sutton was managing editor at the publication City & Country Home in 1990. Our print publication incorrectly identifies her as managing editor of Canadian Home and Country. The Reviewregrets the error.

Our print publication misstated information relating to Prue Hemelrijk’s marathon birthday celebration. Though the festivities lasted several days, Hemelrijk was not the host. The Review regrets the error.


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