Friday Funny: ”We regret the hilarious error”

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We know we should feel bad for the USA Today copy editor responsible for this headline, but the schadenfreude is too strong.

(via Reddit)

A typo with the word “typo” in it is right up there with that time the Toronto Sun misspelled “correction”…in a correction.

The New York Times takes its corrections seriously: earlier this week, it corrected an error that appeared in the paper in 1877. This easily tops its 2008 correction of a 1960 review ofWest Side Story.

But correcting an error once doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen again. In 2011, the Times referred to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as a woman. In an obituary of Seamus Heaney this year, it made the same mistake.

For the record, Mr. Kenny’s first name is not Edna.

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