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Alumni Essentials: week of February 9

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No matter how your week started, it’s about to get a whole lot better. This week our grads are looking at hospital staff satisfaction, a possible investigation into Toronto councillor Mark Grimes and… weather?

First, we must congratulate Summer 2005 senior editor Wendy Glauser who recently started her new role writing for Healthy Debate. Her first piece looks at the lack of standardization and transparency of hospital staff satisfaction surveys in Canada.

Next, Toronto mayor John Tory has called for a review of the system surrounding developers’ donations to councillors for neighbourhood upgrades and one resident has asked the city’s integrity commissioner to investigate councillor Mark Grimes in relation to these policies. These actions follow Summer 2009 visuals editor Sarah Bridge and her colleague John Lancaster’s investigation into residents’ complaints that their community lost out on $100,000 donation during a recent condo development.

Finally, check out Spring 2006 visuals editor Joe Castaldo’s feature on the Weather Network’s attempted forecast and payday: how human behaviour correlates with weather.


That’s it for today. Do you have a piece that needs to be feature here? Email the blog editor. 


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