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The Alumni Essentials: stepping back

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As journalists, we spend most of our time catching up with breaking news. Interviewing experts, people at a scene other journalists, for the latest tips and stories, while checking libraries and databases for context. This week, we’re looking at alumni who are taking a step back to look at the process of how their characters, our society and themselves got to the points they’re at.

First up is summer 2012 production editor Scaachi Koul, who, try as we might, we can’t ignore—whether she’s yelling on Twitter or writing an honest, funny and often insightful piece. This week it’s the latter, as she recounts the bucket list she made at 11 years old and the awkwardness and embarrassment we face as we push ourselves towards our goals.

Next, former instructor Bill Reynolds wrote a short series of posts on his book, Life Real Loud: John Lefebvre, Neteller and the Revolution in Online Gambling. Reynolds opens up about his interest in the story, John Lefebvre as a main character, and the seven-year writing process.

Finally, spring 2007 editor Julia Belluz chats with sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald about diet cults, eating fads and how we got so stupid when it comes to food.



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