Graham Silnicki

Nightmare on Mt. Pleasant

Nightmare on Mt. Pleasant

In every horror story, there's a moment when the furies are unleashed. At Chatelaine, it began when Kim Pittaway abruptly quit as editor-in-chief. A year and a half later, and with new editor-in-chief Sara Angel finally settled in, will the editorial mayhem continue?

The castle on Mount Pleasant Road is formidable. After extensive negotiations to secure an audience with Chatelaine’s queen, editor-in-chief Sara Angel — including one cancellation, attributed to an unexpected out-of-town trip — I’ve been given 30 minutes of her time. But it isn’t quite that simple. After checking in with security, I head up to the […]

 Sarah Patterson

Watered Down

Staying afloat is no easy task in the tiny publishing world of Atlantic Canada. The surest way to smooth sailing? Don't make waves

Coastlife magazine was conceived in November 1998 around a coffee table laden with a pot of tea, mugs and bowls of hummus and chips. Kyle Shaw, Christine Oreskovich, Catherine Salisbury and Heidi Hallet had gathered at Shaw and Oreskovich’s Halifax home for the fall board meeting of The Coast, at the time a five-year-old weekly […]