Cormac McGee

Can journalists help their wrongly imprisoned colleagues?

Can journalists help their wrongly imprisoned colleagues?

Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy has now been in an Egyptian jail for 319 days. He was arrested along with fellow Al Jazeera reporters Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste in December 2013, under trumped up charges of spreading false news and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, an outlawed organization. All three are now sitting in prison just for […]

 Kate Guay

Obstacle Course

Why are there so few disabled journalists? Physical barriers are just one part of the answer

Even if you don’t remember Jeff Adams’s name, you probably remember what he did last fall. On September 26, 2002, he climbed the 1,760 steps of the CN Tower staircase – in a modified wheelchair. What you probably never knew was why he did it. Media coverage of the Toronto event came close to saturation […]

 Tamara Slomka

Writers’ Block

Why too many journalists get crunched by numbers—and why their stories often don't add up

The Kansas City Star spent more than four years researching the prevalence of AIDS in the priesthood and 18 months interviewing experts and priests, and examining church documents and death certificates to ensure that what it was putting out was accurate journalism. In January 2000, the Star published an 11-article series built around the “fact” […]