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This year at the Review, we’re keeping tabs on our alumni to bring you some of our favourite pieces of their recent work.

First up this week, Daniel Kaszor digs into the GamerGate movement, where some have been concerned about the close relationship between game developers and journalists. But, as Kaszor points out, this may be less about journalistic ethics and more about Zoe Quinn—the developer whose rumoured relationship with a journalist spawned the movement.

Next, Wendy Gillis has pieced together the day Michael Menjivar and Zaid Youssef were shot dead. Through more than two dozen interviews and following tweets from friends and the victims themselves, Gillis shines some light on how the high school students spent their last morning and the events leading to their deaths.

On a lighter note, one of John Michael McGrath‘s final pieces for Hazlitt Magazine looks at the case for Doug Ford and how voters can work together to stop the candidates who care about Toronto. McGrath is starting his new job at TVO today and we wish him luck.

Finally, for your listening pleasure, our own tone deaf instructor Tim Falconer was featured on Definitely Not the Opera over the weekend, as the show explored the power of singing.


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