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The Alumni Essentials: week of January 5

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Hello? Is this thing on? We’re back in action (still nursing a New Year’s hangover) and ready to get things moving for 2015—much like these ambitious alumni who rang in the new year with fantastic pieces and jobs (*cough* show-offs).

First up, Spring 2014 senior editor and trash organizer Luc Rinaldi profiled Canadian piano man Chilly Gonzales and his latest music education project for The Walrus’s January/February 2015 issue, on stands now.

Summer 2012 senior online editor Matt Braga is now the editor of Motherboard Canada. If his tweets are any indication, he’s happy about the new role.

(He even pinned the tweet in case you didn't realize how excited he was.)

(He even pinned the tweet in case you didn’t realize how excited he was.)

And last, but certainly not least, Spring 2014 editor Megan Jones is uprooting this week to start her new job in Montreal as assistant editor of Reader’s Digest. We still expect you to attend our Spring 2015 launch party, Megan.

(Next week, expect a much more timely post from your favourite blog editor, Cormac McGee.)


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