Jowita Bydlowska

Party On!

Party On!

Launch parties are fun and good way to unwind, but do they also set the tone for how well a magazine will do?

“I’m kind of working,” Matt whispers in my ear. He smiles at a short, gray-haired guy who smiles back at him and slurps on his drink. Matt is temporarily employed at the CBC and right now he’s “working” the room. His contract expires soon, he tells me as he shoos me off. “Fine,” I think […]

 Annette Bourdeau

OneWorld gives a voice to the voiceless

OneWorld gives a voice to the voiceless

A new international website focuses on socially conscious journalism. But can it be objective?

“It’s possible to be socially responsible while maintaining high journalistic standards,” muses Alex Lockwood from his temporary post in Italy. “The two aren’t incompatible.” Lockwood is the content and networking manager for the “online media gateway” called OneWorld International. OneWorld has ten locations around the world, including a Canadian centre. OneWorld sites cover international news […]

 Megan Griffith-Greene

To Whom it may Concern

To Whom it may Concern

A look at the world of letters to the editor and what it takes to get one printed

At the Toronto Star, the drab-brown hermetically-sealed high-rise by the lake, sits a pile of paper. It lies on a desk, a dozen snaking turns down the early-seventies hallways, stuccoed and beige, among the editorial offices. “Dear editor,” each page begins. They go on to document, argue, insist, clarify or plead. But first, they have […]

 Malena Ogryzlo

All the Young Dudes Now Write the News

All the Young Dudes Now Write the News

The growing epidemic of twentysomething journalists emerging as newspaper columnists

The crisis began as a response to declining newspaper readership. The crisis grew as editors across the country sought out brash journalists to increase readership among younger people. The crisis hit its peak when the The Globe and Mail’sLeah McLaren and the National Post’sRebecca Eckler began chronicling their lives in the country’s most prestigious newspapers. […]

 Garry Wice

Journalism Inc.

The media once got to the bottom of things now they go only as far as the bottom line

It’s impossible to serve two masters at once-we have no lesser authority than the Bible for that-yet the news media try to do it every day. Working journalists like to think their primary role is to serve the public by letting it know what’s really going on. But the higher-ups, the media managers, have a […]

 Patrick Martin

Reflections on the Black Press

Left: After enduring six years as editor of the militant newspaper Contrast, Lorna Simms launched Dawn, a much softer, reassuring publication the staff of Contrast had just put the most recent issue of the weekly newspaper to bed. Editor Lorna Simms and production manager Paulette Grant completed the art boards and packed them into a […]

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