Erin Sylvester

The importance of enunciation

The importance of enunciation

An unpublished story in Moose Jaw led to national attention when a reporter quit

Did “d” or didn’t “d”? That’s the question Canadians are asking themselves today about Saskatchewan MP Tom Lukiwski’s victory speech on October 19. In the speech, he refers to the provincial election coming up next April and puts his support behind the Tory candidate, who he says is “too important of an MLA to let go down to […]

 Bruce Tisdale

Out on a Limb

Peter C. Newman's tall tree tale

Every so often even the best writers become too enchanted with a story. They are captivated, and perhaps a wish not to disturb the tale causes them to overlook any faults that might be found by less involved observers. In his book, Company of Adventurers, Peter C. Newman is at times a very enchanted writer. […]