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TEASER: The High Road

TEASER: The High Road

Here is a sneak peek at one story from our Spring 2015 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism magazine.

 Ryerson Review of Journalism

PODCAST: Allegations of Jian Ghomeshi & the role of journalists covering sexual assault

We spoke with Celine Cooper from Montreal’s The Gazette, Scaachi Koul from Hazlitt, Robyn Urback from the National Post and Margaret Wente from The Globe and Mail about how the issues surrounding sexual assault, rape and abuse should be covered by journalists. Listen here:

 Ryan Porter

Scandalous Behaviour

When journalists find themselves in the gossip columns, the knives come out

December 19, 2002: Despite his insider status, even gossip columnist Shinan Govani can get shut out. At Toronto’s trendy King Street lounge, Mint et Menthe, the National Post‘s “Scene” columnist was turned back from the Next modeling agency’s private Christmas party. “This is a Nelly Furtado moment!” declared Govani’s gal-pal, journalist and art afficionado Si […]