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PODCAST: Allegations of Jian Ghomeshi & the role of journalists covering sexual assault

We spoke with Celine Cooper from Montreal’s The Gazette, Scaachi Koul from Hazlitt, Robyn Urback from the National Post and Margaret Wente from The Globe and Mail about how the issues surrounding sexual assault, rape and abuse should be covered by journalists. Listen here:

 Ruane Remy

The Question of Rape

The Question of Rape

Heated rhetoric aside, are journalists out of touch with the risks female reporters face in conflict zones?

On Day 11 of the Egyptian uprising against the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak, Globe and Mail correspondent Sonia Verma and her colleague Patrick Martin were walking through what she describes as the “nouveau riche” neighbourhood of Mohandeseen. Verma was filming a pro-Mubarak crowd marching in the streets. At first this all-male crowd seemed friendly, […]