Blair Mlotek

The changing anatomy of a magazine

The changing anatomy of a magazine

Is it time for magazines to restructure the front of book?

By Blair Mlotek and Viviane Fairbank The front of book (FOB) consists of the first few pages of a magazine, with smaller pieces and graphics meant to ease a reader in before the long features. FOBs may have been relevant once, but today, when shorter articles and listicles are the majority of content found online, they don’t add […]

 Mai Nguyen

I’m dyin’ up here!

I’m dyin’ up here!

Why Canadian magazines have come to bury humour, not praise it

The Set-up Definition: the premise of a pre-arranged outcome A writer and an editor are lost in the desert. They’ve been without food or water for days, and it’s beginning to look like this is the end. Then, they see a shimmer on the horizon. They run toward it. It’s an oasis! An editorial team […]

 Michelle Devereaux

The Outsiders

Down in the back alleys of Canadian publishing, three feisty and rebellious cultural magazines are ready to rumble

Stephen Osborne can be an intimidating guy. Even some long-time members of his own staff think so. Maybe it’s the beard. With his greying whiskers, a steely, confrontational stare and a manic twinkle behind his wire-rimmed spectacles, the founding editor and publisher of Vancouver’s Geist magazine conjures a cross between the ghosts of Rasputin and […]