Fatima Syed

Beirut vs. Paris: Unbalanced coverage

Beirut vs. Paris: Unbalanced coverage

Journalism is about fair and objective reporting, but in practice coverage is often skewed toward one event more than another

The events of the Paris attacks last night are still unfolding–“still” being the operative word. Much journalistic attention has been given to the situation in Paris, and rightly so. At the time of writing, CBC reports stated that at least 150 people had been killed after six separate attacks in public places like a music venue in central Paris, […]

 Davide Mastracci

Headlines on the suicide bombing in Beirut are dehumanizing

Headlines on the suicide bombing in Beirut are dehumanizing

The New York Times has since corrected its headline, but some Canadian publications haven't

At least 43 people were killed by a double suicide bombing in a residential area of Beirut yesterday, an attack for which ISIL has since claimed responsibility. The New York Times initially reported the story with this headline, causing an uproar on Twitter. Reuters also ran with a similar headline. ISIS blows up crowd of […]

 Garry Hamilton

Under the Gun

How TV news delivers a captive audience to terrorists

For 17 days during the TWA hijacking in beirut last June, terrorists took over the airwaves as the networks battled each other for the inside story. In the months that followed, American networks came under fire for giving up their editorial control in exchange for drama. Meanwhile, networks that relied heavily on the American footage, […]