Stephanie Philp

What’s the news worth?

What’s the news worth?

Stock prices are dropping and so is revenue. Here’s a look at some numbers that will help you make sense of it all

In his book Mass Disruption, John Stackhouse writes extensively about the effect of the digital revolution that’s been raging for the past decade. “If newspapers [are] to survive… old school [needs] to meet new school in a hurry.” Unfortunately, the industry doesn’t seem to be doing so well, what with La Presse and Nanaimo Daily News ceasing print earlier […]

 Christina Pellegrini

How BlackBerry execs bullied journalists and why nobody fought back

How BlackBerry execs bullied journalists and why nobody fought back

The story Canadian writers missed when they didn't report on Research In Motion's abysmal press relations.

By Christina Pellegrini  When John Stackhouse first met Jim Balsillie at a business social almost a decade ago, the co-CEO of Research In Motion didn’t mince words. Once Balsillie figured out who Stackhouse was—the freshly appointed editor of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business section—he pointed a finger at him and launched into an attack […]

 Brittany Devenyi, Gianluca Inglesi, and Rhiannon Russell

Willfully blind

A closer look at the Margaret Wente plagiarism scandal and what it says about The Globe and Mail's institutional arrogance.

By Brittany Devenyi, Gianluca Inglesi, and Rhiannon Russell The morning of Monday, September 17, 2012, reader Carol Wainio sent a 2,135-word email to Globe and Mail editor-in-chief John Stackhouse. It detailed multiple instances in a 2009 column by Margaret Wente, “Enviro-romanticism Is Hurting Africa,” of what Wainio called “very significant overlap” with stories from sources as disparate as Food Chemical News and The […]